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CNC Milling & Machining

CNC Machining

Here at SCH Engineering we provide the service of CNC Machining, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Having CNC devices attached to our equipment allows us to acquire the precision that would other wise be impossible to achieve.

CNC Milling

We own two CNC ‘Mazak’ milling machines which have a capacity of 460 Z-axis, 1000 X-axis, and 500 Y-axis.


CNC Turning

We own two CNC Mazak Turning Machines. One being a ‘Quick Turn 8 Mazak’ for the smaller jobs with diameters to 160mm. There is also a large ‘Mazak M4’ for the bigger components, 300mm diameter over the saddle up to 1000mm in length.


CNC Wirecutting

SCH Engineering has two Wire Cutting Machines, one ‘Charmilles’- having dimensions of 355x415x250 and a ‘Sodick’- for small jobs. We have the ability to achieve a maximum 30° angle at a specific height of the material.

CHARMILLES - 400 Wirecutter


One of our Electrical Discharge Machines is a 4 axis machine, which is fully CNC programmable and able to spark screw threads into hardened steel or tungsten carbide. We also have a manual EDM machine which is fitted with a digital readout allowing us to achieve high accuracies for your components. Our table sizes for the CNC EDM Machine is 460x390x350 machining capacity and table size is 600x800.

CHARMILLES EDM Spark Errosion Machine

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