Established 1965

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Surface grinding
Precision engineering
CNC Turning
Precision CNC Machining
MOORE - Jig Grinder

Precision Engineering

CNC (Computerised Numerical Control), Turning, Milling, Wire Cutting and EDM (Electrode Discharge Machining)

Tungsten Carbide Tooling

We specialse in precision carbide tooling. We produce special purpose tooling to your specifications by grinding, wire-cutting, spark erosion, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding or tool and cutter grinding.

SCH Engineering

Welcome to SCH Engineering’s. Our extensive years of experience in the manufacturing industry have enabled us to provide solutions to your engineering problems.

We specialise in precision engineering, concept design and prototyping. We take great pride and care with what we do. Precision is key to our success and crucial for our customers.

Tool and Cutter Grinding

Precision Grinding

Jig Grinding, Surface Grinding, Tool and Cutter Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding and Optical Profile Grinding

Inspection Microscope


Mitutoyo CMM (Computer Measuring Machine) & Contracer, Microscopes and Projectors


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Solid Edge License and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certification

We carry the Solid Edge License, allowing us to transfer data to and from clients via the internet. This permits fast communication of design issues to be resolved. Also ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certificate has been accomplished