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Established 1965

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SCH Engineering, situated in Clayton North, Victoria, comprises a highly skilled team of toolmakers and builders of special purpose machinery, jigs, fixtures, press tools and spare parts for a multitude of industries.

The Company originated in 1965 by Hans Schnepf and Wolfgang Schumacher who both retired in May 2005 and subsequently sold the business.

Since that time SCH has become a Division of NBDR Pty Ltd, still offering its customers the same high standards in quality and efficiency.

BLOHM Surface Grinder

We have experience in developing solutions to meet every challenge and are highly competitive in cost and delivery, providing exceptional customer support.

Our high accuracy in the manufacturing of tooling has been one of the driving influences in the success of our business. We have been able to consistently work to accuracies of +/- 0.005 mm (upon request, closer tolerances are achievable). Our firm owns high precision equipment and our experienced staff are always searching for a challenge. SCH Engineering has had great success working for Australian-based International Companies and is also proud to support local industry.

CHARMILLES EDM Spark Errosion Machine

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